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Instructions and Help about dochub billing

Hey guys welcome to korban tech so today I'm going to be showing you guys the best way to fill out PDFs for free using a free website called doc hub com now this is a chrome app or a basically it is then app available in the chrome store but you can use it on any browser but it does work best inside of Chrome as I'm using here so how it works is you're going to go over to new and your ears are going to do a new sign requests important your document import new template or create a different organization but I have not done that yet now there are two options two ways to create ones but I just use this new button or you can just drag in an existing PDFs that you have to edit you do have your activity in box you sent ones you're all documents use some templates and the facts in box that you can send fax coming soon because it is in beta and then you can create an original ization here now I took use this you fill out my homework and things like that so what we're gonna do is we're going to go to new import in your document and you can I select from your computer Dropbox Google Drive or just a URL with something and you can't even import pictures if you want to do that but this is not a picture editing software and then here you have the option to choose if you want this to be private or public up for me I just use the private this is free or you can create a new blank document so that's what we're gonna do right now and when we open it up we are just going to fill out the name here if you want to but I'm just since this is a blank document we're just going to go here so we have options we zoom in and zoom out a snap to grid that we have page controls your recent activity and then you can manage your fields at the top we have a print undo and redo the pointer text tool draw tool highlight tool comment tool wideout tool and then your stamp tool which you get some options for different things you can put in if you're filling out a form and then here you can insert an image and then you can also sign something if you create a signature and that it guides you to the process of creating one using your mobile device or you can just fill that out with the trackpad so I would work you just take the text tool and then you can choose your font size you can choose your font what you only do get three options which is not that good but it's it's me well because I don't have to use that many different.

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